This online estimator was developed to help graduate and doctoral students plan for future educational costs at James Madison University. The figures provided in this tool are estimations and are subject to change based on changes in school costs, changes to your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), modifications to awarding formulas, and fund availability. This estimation is not intended to serve as a Financial Aid Offer.

James Madison University's FAFSA filing priority date is March 1st, which means the Department of Education must receive your FAFSA by this date for you to be considered an "on time filer". We suggest you submit the FAFSA on-line at a few days before March 1st to ensure timely receipt. If you are completing a paper FAFSA, make sure you allow time for your application to reach the Department of Education by the deadline.  

Do you qualify as a Virginia Resident ?
Where will you be living ?
How many credit hours will you be taking during the academic aid year?
What is your FAFSA Expected Family Contribution (EFC) ?
What amount will you receive in scholarships/assistantships for the academic year ?
Financial Aid Offer Estimate
This is not a financial aid application or financial aid offer. It is an estimate based on current costs. The data you provide and the results will not be stored by James Madison University. This estimate may change and is not binding on the Secretary, James Madison University, or the the state of Virginia.
Enrollment Classification
Living Status
Credit Hours
FAFSA Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
Your Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)
  Fall    Spring   
Average Loan Fees
Travel (COA)
Personal Costs
Total Cost of Attendance (COA)
Your Initial Need Calculation
Cost of Attendance (COA)
Less Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
Total Need Before Aid
Your Estimated Aid Eligibility
Federal Work Study
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
Additional Unsubsidized Loan
Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan
Total Aid Package
Your Net Price Estimate
Cost of Attendance (COA)
Less Scholarships/Assistantships
Net Price
Your Unmet Need Estimate
Cost of Attendance (COA)
Less Total Aid Package
Unmet Need
Your Direct Cost Estimate
University Charges
Less Grants and Scholarships
Remaining Charges

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