Common Steps

Direct Parent PLUS, Direct Grad PLUS and Federal Work Study offers cannot be accepted in MyMadison and require added steps to obtain the award(s).

Steps Specific to Federal Work Study
  • Federal Work-Study provides students with the opportunity to apply for a Federal Work-Study position.
  • Go to JMU Joblink to apply for Federal Work Study positions.
  • Interview for the position
    • Always dress in no less than business casual wear.
    • Allow enough time to get to your interview (arrive 10-15 mins early).
    • DON’T BE LATE.
    • Know the position you are applying for (read the Position Description on JobLink carefully).
    • Answer questions completely.  Be clear and concise.
    • Make eye contact.
    • Bring questions to ask of your interviewer about the position.
    • Send a follow up email after the interview thanking the interviewer(s) for taking the time to speak with you..
  • The department will contact you if you have or have not been selected for the position.
  • Once you are selected for a Federal Work Study position you will meet with your department to complete hiring documents.
  • Student Employment will accept your Federal Work Study award once the hiring paperwork has been processed.
  • Good luck and enjoy your new position!

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