10-month Master Degree Program

The MA in Political Science with a concentration in European Union Policy Studies offers a challenging and accelerated curriculum for its graduate students. The program focuses on experiential learning, balancing the theoretical with the practical, and this is demonstrated the first day that students arrive in Florence and immerse themselves in Florentine culture.

Students are taught political science and international theory, European and international policy analysis, research design methods, and Italian language among other things. Transatlantic teaching from Harrisonburg to Fiesole adds an important global perspective to graduate student's learning experience. Academic travel is seemlessly intertwined in student's coursework, allowing students to connect their academic studies with tangible experiences as they meet high level officials, politicians, policy makers, lobbyists, international civil servants, and members of international civil society in Brussels, Belgium and Strasbourg, France. Students also work on cross-cultural teams throughout the year as they prepare for the annual Model EU Simulation along with their Florentine counterparts from the University of Florence.

James Madison University in Florence is committed to the university's greater mission to exemplify a model engaged university. Students actively participate in various charitable and community activities throughout the year including the JMU Big Event.

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