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Ethics Fellow - Emeritus
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An assistant professor of Nursing, Dr. Erica Lewis specializes in bioethics. In the classroom, she uses case studies and actual clinical situations to teach students how to ethically reason and subsequently apply ethical decisions to nursing practice. While working as an ethics fellow Dr. Lewis guided student creation of a disaster simulation and ethics debriefing for undergraduate nursing student. Research of that work showed that nursing students increased their ethical reasoning confidence post simulation as compared to before the experience. 

During the 2013-2014 academic year, she guided the integration of the Eight Key Questions throughout the nursing curriculum. Lewis has published on the topic of medical error and other ethics issues such as disparities in vulnerable populations. While Erica was an ethics fellow, she consulted with departments and individual faculty seeking to integrate the Eight Key Questions.

In addition to continuing work begun as an ethics fellow, since that time Dr. Lewis has taught and researched ethical reasoning in the context of innovation. She uses the 8 Key Questions to guide interdisciplinary students in the JMU Xlab to consider potential implications of their innovations. Dr. Lewis has published on that pedagogy and subsequent student learning outcomes in the following articles.


Student Learning Outcomes 

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