This new scholarship opportunity through the J(ste)MU program will fund 22 students pursing bachelor's degrees in programs in the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM), including biology, biotechnology, chemistry, biophysical chemistry, geology, physics, mathematics, and/or statistics. Individual scholarships will be for up to $10,000 per year for four years.

As part of this scholarship program, J(ste)MU Scholars will also receive support including:

  • One-week Summer Transition Program
  • Annual Seminars with special topics
  • Network of mentors (faculty and students)
  • Scaffolded research opportunities
  • STEM Career Exploration and Planning
  • Enhanced academic and non-academic support services

Students will live in Chesapeake dorm on east campus and will have the choice to live with another student in the J(ste)MU program or a student who is not participating in the program. 

Eligible students must be low-income (i.e., Federal Pell Grant eligible), academically talented, major in a discipline offered through the College of Science and Mathematics, and must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or alien lawfully admitted as a refugee or for permanent residence.

For information about the Federal Pell Grant Program and to determine if you qualify for a Pell Grant, please click here.

Priority Submission Deadlines

Early Action: November 15thRegular Decision: February 1st

Applications will be accepted until the J(ste)MU scholarship program is at capacity.


Students apply for admission to the university as well as for scholarships through an online submission system, the Madison Scholarships Hub (MSH). When students apply to JMU, MSH will provide the link for the scholarship application page to every student meeting basic academic eligibility requirements.

Scholars will be selected from eligible first-year applicants using a ranking process that considers both quantitative and qualitative factors. Factors involved in selection include:

  • GPA of 3.0 or greater in high school or college level work;
  • Completion of at least one mathematics course beyond Algebra II;
  • Strength of completed STEM-related coursework in the context of local availability;
  • Content of additional submitted scholarship application materials, which include:
    • Short essays responding to prompts that highlight student interest and commitment to STEM and to the J(ste)MU program and how they view the program as helping them,
    • Letter of recommendation from a STEM teacher, guidance counselor, or employer with knowledge of the student’s work ethic and level of maturity,
    • Resume (2-page limit).

Students who are offered a J(ste)MU scholarship will have until April 1st to accept the scholarship and provide a written commitment to the J(ste)MU program. If students have not provided a written commitment by that date, the scholarship offer will be rescinded and offered to another student. 

Maintaining Eligibility

Those who are awarded this scholarship are expected to:

  • Continue financial eligibility in terms of low-income status and unmet need;
  • Continue enrollment and remain on track to graduate in a major program of study in CSM;
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.7 overall and in the major;
  • Satisfactory participation in J(ste)MU programs, including attending the summer transition week, enrollment in the one-hour seminar session each semester, participation in summer research experiences, and regular meetings with mentors. 

Scholars failing to meet the GPA minimum, progress adequately to degree, or maintain satisfactory participation will be placed on probationary status the following semester and will be required to develop and follow an action plan created in consultation with the Academic Faculty Lead Mentor and academic advisers to identify sources of support, ensure timely intervention, and address areas of weakness in order to facilitate retention and graduation. The award will still be provided during probationary semesters. If a scholar remains on probation for two semesters, they will lose the scholarship and an eligible student at the same academic level will be selected from the waiting list.

For information about the J(ste)MU Program at JMU, contact Dr. LouAnn Lovin at

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