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We live in a society increasingly focused on data. The collection and analysis of “big data” plays a prominent role in many professional domains, including science and education, health and social services, and business and government. Data analytics is the process of applying fundamental scientific principles, including statistical data analytic methods and machine learning, to the analysis of these large, complex datasets, with the goal of transforming raw data into useful information. This information can be used to identify and solve problems, evaluate claims and make inferences, and influence human decisions, across a wide variety of fields. Data analytics is a field currently in high demand across a wide range of careers, with the need for these skills only continuing to grow.

The Data Analytics minor at JMU is a uniquely interdisciplinary minor designed for students majoring in a STEM field who want to gain experience in the rapidly growing field of data analytics and integrate these techniques with their current fields of study.

This minor is designed to teach students:

  • how to ethically use data in research environments
  • the applications of statistical and probabilistic thinking to data analysis
  • data visualization and data management techniques
  • the use of machine learning techniques within the students' field of study

Although the minor is primarily intended for students majoring in one of the degree programs offered by the CSM, any student that meets program requirements may take the minor. Students currently enrolled in the minor come from a wide variety of majors outside of CSM, including Computer Science, Intelligence Analysis, Computer Information Systems, Psychology, Economics, International Affairs, Management, Finance, and Sports and Recreation Management.

The minor in data analytics is a minimum 18-hour credit program. To learn more about specific courses and requirements of the minor, visit the Academic Catalogue.

If you have any questions about the minor, please contact Dr. Barnard-Kubow at

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