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Learn more about the CSM and our departments, majors, and what sets us apart from other universities by watching the video below.

If you have any questions about our college, please feel free to reach out to any of the members of our leadership team.

We hope you can see yourself here, where we are driven by discovery!

Our Leadership Team

Please click on any of the names below to access contact information. If you have any general questions about the CSM you can also email us at

Dr. Cynthia Bauerle, Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Marcus Davis, Associate Dean for Research

Dr. Samantha Prins, Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Dr. Casonya Johnson, Head of Biology

Dr. Linette Watkins, Head of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. LouAnn Lovin, Head of Mathematics and Statistics 

Dr. Christopher Hughes, Head of Physics and Astronomy 

CSM Mission Statement

The mission of the CSM is to establish a culture of “discovery practice,” in which students develop their knowledge, skills and habits of mind by participating in science and mathematics practice. We place undergraduate student learning at the center of a rigorous research-based environment.

Pursuing our Mission

Because the most creative discoveries happen when people with different perspectives work together, the college is committed to supporting a diverse community of learners. Our faculty and staff work to ensure that every student enrolled in CSM courses experiences a welcoming and supportive learning environment.

We pursue our mission through educational goals focused on:

  • Preparing future scientists and mathematicians
  • Advancing science and mathematics literacy of JMU students, the Harrisonburg community, and our local schools
  • Providing the scientific and mathematical foundations needed for professional careers

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