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About Community Service-Learning: In everything we do, we strive to build relationships and learn from one another in order to make more just and sustainable communities.

We value humility, intentionality, equity, accountability, service, relationships, and learning. We prepare students to create more just, equitable, and sustainable communities. We do that through facilitating direct community engagement, enhancing capacity of community organizations and advocating for positive change.

Racism, especially directed at Black individuals and communities, undermines our efforts for a fair and just community at every level of society.

Madison Community Scholars: These positions will enhance the capacity of nonprofit organizations (community partners) to meet their goals and leverage their strengths.  MCS students strengthen their civic leadership, and organizational and interpersonal skills, by facilitating community partner projects and volunteer management. Strong candidates for this role are interested in community involvement, adaptable to change, organized, and skilled verbal and interpersonal communicators.

You Get To:
  • Serve approximately 8 hours per week
    • Bi-weekly team meetings (business hours)
    • Semesterly one-on-one meeting with CS-L advisor (business hours)
    • Remaining hours for creativity and effective work
  • Earn a scholarship of $1,250 for the semester
How You Get To:
  • Engage in service that addresses community-identified priorities and increases the capacity of community partners.
  • Participate in regular developmental and issue-based trainings and reflection activities.
  • Engage in team-building and group service activities with other Madison Community Scholars.
  • Develop leadership, advocacy, and communication skills.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned.
Your Expectations and Commitment: 
  • Make Service-Learning and leadership development a priority.
  • Attend a Madison Community Scholars orientation during the first week of the fall semester.
  • Serve approximately 8 hours per week including service to your community partner, regularly scheduled cohort and one-on-one meetings, and training/reflection opportunities.
  • Be in good academic standing and maintain full course load.
  • Enhance self-awareness.
  • Implement effective time management.
  • Develop effective individual and small group communication skills.
  • Application due by March 1 via the Madison Scholarship Hub.
  • Interviews will be held between before the end of spring semester.
  • Offers anticipated by the end of spring finals.
  • Correspond with CS-L as needed over the summer to ensure skills and interests complement communit-identified needs to confirm community partner placement.

Our Commitment: James Madison University does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, race or color, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation or belief, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, parental status (including pregnancy), marital status, family medical or genetic information, in its employment, educational programs, activities, and admissions. JMU complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding non-discrimination, affirmative action, and anti-harassment. The responsibility for overall coordination, monitoring and information dissemination about JMU’s program of equal opportunity, non-discrimination, and affirmative action is assigned to the Office of Equal Opportunity.  Inquiries or complaints may be directed to the Office of Equal Opportunity: James Robinson, Director (540)568-6991,,

JMU prohibits sexual and gender-based harassment including sexual assault and other forms of inter-personal violence. The responsibility for overall coordination, monitoring and information dissemination about JMU’s Title IX program is assigned to the Title IX Coordinator.  Inquiries or complaints may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator: Amy Sirocky-Meck (540)568-5219,,

Apply by March 1 on the Madison Scholarship Hub!

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