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About CS-L

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Who We Are

The department of Community Service-Learning (CS-L) was founded in 1986 by JMU faculty members, Cecil Bradfield (Sociology) and Ann Myers (Social Work). The concept originated from the belief that service is the at heart of higher education. Partnerships between the University and the community serve as the foundation of all programs. These partnerships are based on joint contributions toward meeting the mutual needs of all involved. Service-Learning partnerships improve the quality of life in the entire community, create shared understanding, make learning come alive and prepare students for lifelong community service and civic engagement. CS-L is driven by the collective ideas and development of community members, students, faculty and the mission of JMU.

Check out our PowerPoint Presentation about our office!

Our Mission

Community Service-Learning prepares the JMU community to be educated and enlightened citizens committed to positive social change by providing reflective experiential opportunities with diverse community partners.

Our Values

Collaboration – developing mutually beneficial partnerships to accomplish a common goal. 

Diversity – understanding and appreciating people and thinking different from one-self.

Innovation – providing an open forum to create and new and more effective way of providing services and programs.

Integrity – leading by example by doing what we say we will do.

Quality – aspiring to excellence based on the resources we have.

Student Leadership – challenging ideas, processes, and assumptions in a supportive environment to encourage personal and professional growth.

Community Partnerships

Community Service-Learning (CS-L) coordinates partnerships with over 75 community service agencies to help meet the needs of the community and improve the standard of life in the Shenandoah Valley. CS-L is an active member of community networks such as Healthy Community, Hispanic Services Council, Rockingham County Partners for Student Success, and Valley Volunteer Forum.