Steering Committee

The Steering committee will lead the Reengineering Madison effort with the following key responsibilities:

  • Make key decisions on funding, scope, and project priority
  • Drive culture change
  • Ensure engagement and alignment across JMU
  • Lead communications strategy

Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee Members
Member Division Position
Robin Bryan (co-chair) Administration & Finance AVP IT & CIO
Bob Kolvoord (co-chair) Academic Affairs Dean College of Integrated Science & Engineering
Mark Angel Administration & Finance AVP Finance
Brad Barnett Access & Enrollment Management Director of Financial Aid
Malika Carter-Hoyt Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Becky Holmes Audit and Management Services Director, Internal Audit
Debbie Jordan Advancement AVP Advancement Information Services
Rick Larson Administration & Finance AVP HR, Training, & Performance
Carson Lonett Student Affairs Coordinator Leader Development Experiences
Paul Mabrey Academic Affairs Director of Student Success & Enrollment Analytics
Joe Manning Access & Enrollment Management Associate Dean Admissions
Rudy Molina Academic Affairs Vice Provost Student Academic Success & Enrollment Management
Bethany Nowviskie Academic Affairs Dean of Libraries
Chris Orem President's Division Director Institutional Research
Andy Perrine Advancement AVP Communications & Marketing
Geoff Polglase Administration & Finance Deputy Director of Athletics
Kristi Shackelford Academic Affairs Chief Communications Officer for Academic Affairs
Sheila Smith Advancement AVP Advancement Planning & Operations
Diane Stamp Administration & Finance AVP Budget Management
Jonathan Stewart Student Affairs Associate Director Finance, IT, and Assessment
Michael Swartley (Program Manager) Administration & Finance Director of Strategic Initiatives
Alison Waide Administration & Finance Director of Information Systems
Melinda Wood Access & Enrollment Management AVP Access & Enrollment, Director of Admissions

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