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Below is a list of activities that currently put companies, firms and recruiters in front of and in contact with our students in a positive way.

Introduction to Computer Information Systems Guest PresentersCOB204 Computer Information Systems is the first class where all business majors and minor engage in information technology topics. Offered to over 800 students per semester, COB204 introduces students to many conceptual topics in addition to practical applications of collaboration software (SharePoint) and database design (Access).  Guest Presenters normally emphasize IT careers or day-in-the-life of IT practitioners.

Enterprise Architecture Guest PresentersCIS304 Enterprise Architecture contains a unit on “Building CIS Community”. Students are required to attend profession organization meetings, prepare a resume and a LinkedIn profile, and are taught how to use Handshake, the university-wide online job search system. Guest presenters normally emphasize a topic from the class syllabus, which includes business processes modeling, network diagramming and risk assessment.

IT Consulting Mentor FirmCIS434 IT Consulting provides 12 Mentor Firms the opportunity to guide a team of students through a consulting project and to present on a topic in the consulting domain. Mentor Firms engage with a 3-member student team for eight weeks and guide them through the proposal writing process. Each Mentor Firm also teaches a 75 minute class on a consulting topic. Topics vary and are normally selected from the firm’s expertise. The 36 students in the class are selected through an application procedure. The IT Consulting class also has a few guest speakers that assist with the class.

Visit to Other Classes – the CIS/BSAN program has an assortment of required and elective courses in programming, database, telecommunication, security, business intelligence, etc. visits and presentation to these classes can be arranged when the visit fits the syllabus and the class calendar.

Association for Information Systems (AIS) – formerly the AITP, this CIS student organization invites guest presenters to over 15 meetings each year. Regularly attended by over 40 student members, the AIS meetings are a destination for CIS majors and minors seeking interaction with recruiters. The AIS leadership team organizes each event and provides the direction for this large successful student organization, recognized in 2012 as the largest student chapter in the US.

Advisory Board Membership – The Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics Department has an advisory board that meets twice a year. Members provide advice and validation on curriculum, industry trends, and business relationships.

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Your gift can be to the general fund of the University or the College of Business. You can also specify specific funds, based on the account number.

Provide a financial contribution towards a CIS & BSAN student's scholarship.

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The CIS & BSAN Department Fund

Support a program dedicated to helping students jump start their careers in the challenging and rewarding IT and Business Analytics marketplace.

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Capital One Information Security Faculty Scholar for Computer Information Systems (14313)

Reward an engaged professor for their service to the university and dedication to students.

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Computer Information Systems Scholarship

Support the past and future achievements of a CIS student with high potential.

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Deloitte Fellowship

Support and encourage faculty to further their educational and professional goals and aspirations.

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Glenn Smith Memorial Scholarship

Sponsor the academic growth of a deserving Computer Information Systems or Management Science student

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IT Consulting Excellence Fund

Support the preparation of IT consultants who can navigate a complicated marketplace for their future clients.

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VERIS Consulting Faculty Fellowship

Partner with VERIS Consulting and Beta Alpha Psi to support a faculty member.

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