2019 Cohort

Amplify - Logo

Sophie Harrison, Music Education, 2020
Rebecca Kenaga, Music Education, 2020 

AMPLIFY is a Music Performance Learning Initiative for Incarcerated Youth provides project-based music classes to students in juvenile correctional and detention centers. Our programs bring community members and pre-service teachers together with incarcerated youth to create music side-by-side in an inclusive and open environment. Through student-centered music classes, songwriting and beat making, students have the opportunity to explore values such as self-expression, community, authenticity, justice and empathy. 

BCCM Farming Innovations

BCCM Farming Innovations LLC - Logo

Matt Chamberlain, ISAT, 2019
Phillip Mallow, Management, 2019
Zach Beaty, CIS, 2019
Chris Cole, CIS, Dec. 2019 

BCCM Farming Innovations LLC aims to make farming smarter. Through our heating/ circulatory system with an integrated monitoring component, we strive to assist farmers living in harsh climates to keep their livestock hydrated with clean, constantly circulating water. We know the struggles farmers face and strive to help them be more efficient, save money and protect our environment. 

Cindy V.

Cindy V. - Logo

Cindy Castillo, Hospitality Management, 2019 

Cindy V. was created to be a Fashion Boutique and Personal Styling Service all in one. Through our www.cindyvfashion.com website, we sell fashionable products while offering style consultation for those looking for the perfect look. Our goal is to give women a sense of personal style, confidence and empowerment through our brand. 

Conservation Music

Conservation Music - Logo

Alex Paulin, Geographic Sciences, 2014 

Since the dawn of humanity, music has had a profound effect on human thoughts and emotions, shaping history through storytelling, intergenerational memories and mass movements. Today, through the catalytic power of song, Conservation Music is confronting environmental collapse and humanitarian disaster in the developing world and beyond. This 501(c)3 organization utilizes music and visual media to develop and distribute materials for education and youth empowerment, public awareness and political advocacy and coalition building to artists, activists and educators, enabling continuous positive change for their families, communities and countries. 


Drivense - Logo

Hafiz Bhuyan, ISAT, 2022
Neal Visvalingam, Finance, 2021
Chris Traynor, Economics, 2020
Henry Requeno-Villeda, CIS 2021
Mike Leek, CIS 2021 

Drivense is on a mission to solve the age-old problem of the expensive and hefty traditional textbooks that students are forced to buy every semester. Through partnerships with publishers, and a centralized online platform, Drivense will offer a per-semester subscription for students to gain instant access to course texts providing a streamlined resource for a modern education. 


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Trey Rustand, CIS, 2020
Zach Casey, Kinesiology, 2019 

It’s not just about where you’re going, it’s about how you’re getting there and who you’re going with. Hich is a closed network, social ride-sharing platform that connects students who need a ride with students already heading in the same direction. Whether you need a ride to or from campus, to an event, back home, or to another University, Hich is here to help. Let’s Go Together!


Lumastic - Logo

Drew Lytle, Computer Science, 2019 

Lumastic is a social collaboration platform where people connect based on projects they’re working on. Through Lumastic, they can organize your thoughts, share their progress, and get help from others who are working on similar things in a customizable, whiteboard-style environment. It’s a space online for everyone to learn, share, and grow together. 


RADR - Logo

Brendan Lawlor, Biotech, 2021
Triniti Gadsden, Biotech, Engineering, 2020 

We are RadR (Pronounced Radar). RadR is a tech based company focused on creating an adaptive platform that markets businesses’ events, specials and happy hours; while simultaneously connecting users to these businesses through our mobile app. 

Mentor Ventures

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Hunter Markle, Management, 2018
Brett Danielson, Management, 2018 

BarTrack’s smart faucet and inventory management system enhance every beer drinker’s experience, all while saying goodbye to over-pouring and adiós to foam-filled beer! Our patent-pending design ensures the perfect amount of head to enhance the flavor and draw out the aroma of the beer. In addition, our inventory management application enables business establishments to account for every drop of product, and thus earn lost revenues from spillage. This is a win-win combination for both establishments and customers! 

BeatGig - Logo


Connor Feroce, Intelligence Analysis, 2014 

BeatGig is a two-sided marketplace for premium live music. We streamline the booking process for buyers and musicians (including their managers and agents) by providing them a single destination to connect, contract and book live shows. Our premium artist roster spans all genres and levels of the music industry, from independent bands and DJs to major headlining artists represented by the biggest talent agencies in the world. 

Dye Happy - Logo

Dye Happy

Dan Lambert, Communications, 2020 

Dye Happy is a grassroots lifestyle brand emphasizing positivity that all began in Dan Lambert’s backyard with just a $20 bill. After months of selling ordinary tie dye t-shirts, Dan realized no one had ever branded handmade tie dye with a unique logo or slogan and that’s Dye Happy was born. In the 2 and a half years since, Dye Happy has sold over 2,500 t-shirts and acquired 4 retail locations. 

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