The GCFE offers several non-academic programs designed to spur innovation and reduce risks at any
stage in your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you have a hint of an idea, or you’ve already
started a company, we can prepare you to take the next step.

GCFE Student Programs

Building the Foundation

If you have an idea you’d like to get off the ground, or need help balancing the workload of your
start-up with your schoolwork, consider joining Madison Inc. Through monthly one-on-one meetings with GCFE staff and advisors, you’ll create achievable goals to help move your business ideas forward, even while balancing college life.

Madison Inc. offers custom-tailored special events and connections with local professional and alumni
entrepreneurs. Monthly cohort meetings allow for collaboration and connection with fellow JMU
emerging entrepreneurs.

Students are admitted on a rolling basis!

Launching the Venture

The Dukes Venture Accelerator is a six-week summer internship program designed to take established,
scalable student ventures to the next level. Launch your business, acquire customers and develop your
pitch, all while forming relationships with successful entrepreneurs, investors and service providers.

This program gives you the tools and skills needed to de-risk your venture and achieve your
entrepreneurial goals. You will be paid a stipend and provided with a budget of up to $2000 to cover
venture expenses.


Read more about previous startups from the accelerator program.

Securing the Investment

The Bluestone Seed Fund invests in early-stage JMU-affiliated start-ups through a competitive
investment process.

The BSF provides hands-on learning opportunities for JMU students in two ways: Student Founders
apply and then pitch to the fund’s investment committee for a potential equity investment; and Student
Venture Associates build their knowledge of venture investing with hands-on experience.

Find out more here.

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