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What makes JMU CS special?

What I really enjoy about the CS program is the community. The classes sizes are capped at 30, so you really get to know your professors well and also your classmates. Along with that, there isn’t a maximum amount of majors, as long as you make the grades you are admitted! That means that students are really supportive of each other and not all trying to fight for a spot in the major. Since CS is such an ambitious major it really is great to have people working alongside you going through the same thing and that you can depend on.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

I would say to soak it all in! CS can be a demanding major and require you stay on top of things. Sometimes that can be overwhelming but being at JMU and at this department can be so rewarding! The community of students and faculty here are amazing and can be so supportive. So my advice would be to enjoy it, this experience is great and I’m so grateful to have had it.

How are you involved in the CS Department?

I’ve done a couple different things inside of the CS Department. Firstly I have been a CS Ambassador since my freshman year. That’s looked a little different over the years but it has entailed giving workshops to local kids, helping out with events within the CS Department, and giving tours/advice to prospective students. Along with being an Ambassador I’ve also been a Teaching Assistant. I loved being a TA. It gave me a chance to meet professors, other students, and gave me experience in education that I’ve never had before.

What internship experiences have you had?

I interned twice while I was at JMU. Both summers were at the same company but under different roles. My first summer I was a software engineer intern and the second I was a systems integration intern. Having an internship taught me so much. It taught me what it was like to do CS in an actual company doing actual work. It was so cool to know all the work I was doing had a real impact on people. I also got to know what things to look for in future employment and what aspects of a job mattered to me.

What is your plan after you graduate?

After my graduation in May I want to take some time for myself and then start working. I want to travel to places I haven’t gotten a chance to see. I have a job lined up for when I graduate, it is with the same company I’ve worked for the past two years. They are giving me a 100% remote option for work so I’m not sure where I’ll live yet. This option gives me so many opportunities. Even though I’m still not sure about a lot of aspects of what my life will look like after graduation I’m very excited for what my future holds!

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