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How did you get interested in Computer Science?

I started off as a math major, and a part of the curriculum was to take an Introduction to Computer Science class in my first semester freshman year. Even though I had no prior experience with CS, I quickly fell in love and had switched my major before the semester had even ended!

What makes JMU CS special?

One of the best parts about JMUs CS program, is the fact that our professors care about getting students prepared for the real world. They emphasize the importance of problem solving, collaboration, and communication just as much as the technical skills. Our classes are mostly group-based, and have ample room to get help from peers and professors, which sets us up for success once we start our careers.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

The biggest piece of advice I have for incoming students is to not be afraid to ask for help! You will here this over and over in our department, but our professors are here because they care about teaching computing skills to the next generation of computer scientists. They want us to succeed, and they are here to help their students in anyway they can!

What internship experiences have you had?

Between my junior and senior year, I had a software engineering internship with a small technology consultancy firm in Richmond, VA. Within this internship, I got to hone in on the skills I will need to excel out in the field. I was put on a software team that was writing code to automate process that it was taking the internal team hours to complete.

At the end of the internship, we had earned many different technologies, gotten to play around with new languages, learn how to work with other engineers, and so much more. Following graduation, I will be continuing full-time as a software engineer!

How are you involved in the CS Department?

Within the CS department, I am a CS Ambassador. I help lead events for prospective students, as well as work on projects that directly benefit our current students. I am also a part of the computer science social media team. Please schedule a chat with me if you have any questions!

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