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What clubs are you involved with in the CS Department?

Since my freshman year, I have been a member of the Unix Users Group (UUG). We've met every week to talk about Linux and open source software including how to use it and current events. It's a great opportunity to learn and talk about technically things that aren't necessarily covered by our classes.

We have an ongoing project to automate the building of our Linux virtual machine with Ansible and Packer (tools that are used commonly in industry). It's been a fantastic project to talk about during interviews!

Tell us about your summer internships?

For my junior and senior years, I have been an intern on JMU IT's Network Engineering team. I gained a ton of knowledge into how networks work and how computer communicate. It really sparked my interest in networking.

What is your plan after you graduate?

I will be working for Easy Dynamics in northern Virginia as a Java Developer.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Get involved. There is almost certainly a club for any of your technical interests. The CS department is full of fantastic people and you're really missing out if you don't take the time to get involved

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