CISE brings together Computer Science, Engineering, and the School of Integrated Sciences, creating a dynamic environment for innovative applied STEM programs.

We emphasize hands-on learning, supported by talented faculty who bring expertise from various applied science and technology fields and a genuine passion for teaching and innovative pedagogy.

We integrate the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our coursework and research. This connection adds real-world relevance and social impact, demonstrating how our efforts can contribute, even on a small scale, to important global goals. Read more.

As a community, we harness scientific and technical knowledge to identify, analyze, and solve significant societal problems.

Our students are adaptable problem-solvers who combine expertise with a broad perspective. They can think independently and collaborate effectively in teams, tackling challenges at any scale, atomic or global. We aim to cultivate creative, thoughtful change-makers who are intellectually curious, pragmatic, and resourceful. Our graduates are fully prepared to dive into projects and make a meaningful impact.

Our small class sizes and innovative curricula foster a rigorous and supportive learning environment. We offer a wide range of engaging learning experiences, including student research, capstone projects, internships, and study-abroad opportunities. By working closely with partners near and far, our programs actively identify and address real-world problems.

Our academic programs are designed to address cutting-edge solutions for pressing human problems while fostering a deep understanding of the surrounding environment. We offer exceptional technical curricula rooted in a meaningful liberal arts foundation.

Our peer-to-peer mentoring program, the CISE Mentor Collective, prepares students for success in any of our CISE Majors.

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