Building Coordinator

Advanced Fluids Lab - Mark Showalter

Chemical Lab Safety - Scott Padgett

Fluids and Materials - Scott Padgett

Lab Management - John Wild

Mechanics and Circuits - Scott Padgett

Project Labs and Machining - John Wild

School of Integrated Sciences

Applied Biotechnology - Laura Lambert

Chemical Lab Safety - Kyle Snow

Energy and Instrumentation - Joseph Rudmin

Engineering and Manufacturing - Mark Showalter

Environment - Kyle Snow

Geographic Science - Chrissy Rothgeb


CISE IT Support - Livia Griffith or Chrissy Rothgeb 

IT Support Requests -

Lab Systems and Servers (specialized) - Livia Griffith

Swipe Lock Service Requests -


Materials Science/Clean Room - David Lawrence

Electronics Shop - Joseph Rudmin

Machine Shop - John Wild

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