The minor is a part of the Integrated Science and Technology, a program within the College of Integrated Science and Engineering.

The minor in ISAT mirrors the major by having a breadth component and a depth component. The breadth component is satisfied through nine credit hours in Issues in Science and Technology and Instrumentation and Measurement. The depth component is satisfied through focused study in a strategic sector.

Students should note that many courses have ISAT prerequisites that are outside the minor (although equivalents to ISAT prerequisite courses will be accepted). In planning a sequence of courses for the minor, students are encouraged to meet with an ISAT adviser to ensure that all needed prerequisites will be taken in due course. In addition, before a student pursuing an ISAT minor can take any ISAT course, a grade equal to or higher than "C-" is required for all ISAT foundation courses that are prerequisites for another required ISAT foundation course.

The minimum requirement for a minor in integrated science and technology is 18-21 credit hours.

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