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The College of Integrated Science and Engineering (CISE) is JMU's newest college and we hope you share our excitement in our prospects.  By uniting Computer Science, Engineering, and The School of Integrated Sciences, we have assembled some of the Commonwealth's most innovative applied STEM programs in an environment that stresses hands-on learning with a uniquely talented faculty.   Each of our academic programs focuses on both cutting-edge solutions to critical human problems and a fundamental understanding of the environment in which those solutions must be implemented.  

CISE’s motto is“More than just technology: agile problem-solving for a dynamic world”, and we live that motto through offering outstanding technical curricula built on a meaningful liberal arts foundation.  Our faculty combines expertise in a variety of applied science and technology fields with a passion for teaching and innovative pedagogy.  We work together as a community to use scientific and technical knowledge to identify, analyze, and solve problems of importance to society.

CISE students are adaptable problem-solvers.  Combining know-how and a breadth of perspective, they can think independently and work in teams at any scale from atomic to global.  We seek to develop creative, thoughtful change-agents who are intellectually curious, pragmatic, and resourceful.  After completing our programs, CISE graduates are project-ready (and rarin’ to go!).

Small class sizes and innovative curricula facilitate a rigorous and nurturing learning environment.  We offer a wide array of engaged learning experiences including student research, capstone projects, internships, and study abroad.  Our programs identify and address relevant real-world problems by working with partners, near and far. Continuous program review sustains our ability to meet new challenges and serve a changing world.

The College of Integrated Science and Engineering is a community of insightful, adaptable problem-solvers with the perspective to realize the “why” and the skills to actualize the “how.”

We look forward to connecting with you and sharing more about the exciting work of CISE.


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