Based on 2023-2024 tuition rates in-state would expect to pay $27,250 and out-of-state $63,600 for a Master of Science in Applied Nutrition degree AND the required dietetic coursework and supervised experiential learning to be an RDN.

For more information on the current cost of graduate school at JMU please visit the Graduate Tuition and Aid page on the Graduate School’s page.

Additional costs may be part of the program including:

  • Criminal Background Check: $150/ onetime fee
  • Drug Test: $50/ onetime fee
  • Immunization/ Health Records: Varies - $150-$300/ onetime fee
  • Rent: $500-$850/ month. Check out JMU’s Off Campus Life
  • Utilities (water, electric, washer/dryer, cable/Internet/Apps, phone, etc.): Varies- $125-$600/month
  • Gas: Varies- $10-$100/week; this depends on supervised experiential learning site location and living distance to them and JMU
  • Automobile Insurance: varies- you will need a reliable source of transportation for supervised experiential learning sites, classes, etc. Harrisonburg Transit is a great transportation service that is free to JMU students.
  • Parking: Varies- $44-$260 see more at JMU Parking Services
  • Nourishment: Varies- $200/month
  • Health Insurance: Varies- $200/month
  • Textbook and class-related items: Varies - $500-$1,200/ program
  • Personal Computer: Varies - $120-$1,500/ onetime fee. A personal computer is not required but is recommended. JMU has excellent computer labs, however most supervised experiential learning sites do not.
  • Conference Attendance: Varies - $125-$1,500/ year
  • Personal Budget (entertainment, clothing, etc.): Varies - $50/ week
  • Estimated Monthly Living Expenses: ~$1,500/ month
  • Please visit JMU’s “Paying for Graduate School" website for assistantship, employment, scholarships, and loan information.

Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

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