The Master of Science in Applied Nutrition at JMU is a competitive and selective program whereby a limited number of students (maximum of 15) are admitted annually for May. Meeting the criteria for application does not guarantee admission into the program.


  • Courses in nutrition, microbiology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, human anatomy, human physiology, psychology, and statistics are prerequisites for admission to the program.
  • Current ServSafe Manager certificate (or prior to the first fall semester)

Applicants who have completed all prerequisites and have food, nutrition, or health-related experience, strong research interests, strong GPA, and strong science scores are especially encouraged to apply. Preference may be provided to eligible applicants who also have a minimum 25 hours of: 

  • general experience in a clinical setting (acute, outpatient, or long-term care) and/or 
  • experience shadowing a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in any professional setting. 

*Applicants who meet prerequisite requirements are not guaranteed admission into the program. 

Faculty of the program is looking for students who:

  • Have a love for foods and nutrition
  • Have a passion for helping others through effective nutrition therapies and various physical activity modalities
  • Have a thirst for knowledge
  • Have strong science GPAs
  • Have a desire to learn about and conduct quality research
  • Work well in an interprofessional team environment
  • Can manage time effectively and handle stressful situations
  • Are creative and self-motivated
  • Have volunteered in a healthcare or community environment

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