Welcome to the Spring 2023 semester!

Welcome to the Spring 2023 semester! We start the new with a lot happening across the counseling programs. In this issue, we look to highlight several events and resources, including a plug for our social media platforms and events like the JMU Diversity Conference and the Graduate Symposium. As always, we look forward to building a caring and connected community this semester.

Spotlighting Our Programs on Social Media

Make sure you check out our programs on social media. You can find information about job postings and professional development opportunities (JMU Graduate Programs in Counseling), information about current cohorts and their achievements (JMU School Counseling (Instagram) and JMU CMHC (Instagram)), and postings to share with prospective students about open houses for our programs (JMU Graduate Psychology).

Pictured below from Instagram: our School Counseling 1st year cohort wrapping up the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) training.

Highlighting Events and Resources at JMU

JMU Diversity Conference: Moving from Awareness to Action

The Office of the President sponsors the annual JMU Diversity Conference. This popular conference celebrates diversity by providing learning opportunities for our faculty, staff and local community through a multitude of sessions, engaging keynote speakers and award recognitions.

Meeting Basic Needs: University Resources

Students' inability to meet their basic needs can negatively affect academic performance, as well as social and emotional wellbeing. If you are having difficulty securing sufficient food to eat, lack a safe and stable place to live, or are unable to access medical care, you can contact the Dean of Students for support (deanofstudents@jmu.edu, 540-568-6468). We also welcome you to come talk to us about your situation if you are comfortable doing so. Check out JMU’s Student Support Hub (jmu.edu/ssh) for information about food, housing, and financial assistance for JMU students. Follow links to The Pantry at JMU which provides free food and other resources, shopping in-person or placing an order on the app for rapid or curbside pickup. Additionally, Strength in Peers' Community Resource Center can connect you with off-campus, community-based services resources (food pantries, medical care, free laundry, and more).

Graduate Student Symposium

Mark your calendars for Friday, April 21 for our annual Graduate Symposium. Current students in both School and CMHC programs will share results and reflections from their EdS projects. More details to follow.

Spring 2023

Spring 2023 Calendar




CHBS Opening Meeting


Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (No Classes - University Offices Closed)


Spring Classes Begin


Counseling Programs Directors Meeting (2-4) - Johnston 103 & Zoom




Department Leadership Council (DLC) Meeting
GCC from 2:00-3:30PM (Directors)


C&S Ph.D. Program Residency


Counseling Programs Meeting - Johnston 103


Last day to withdraw from the niversity with cancellation of tuition charges and refund.
Student Assessment/Faculty Assistance (no classes 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.)


Pizza & Process @12p (Michele) Miller G35


School and CMH Interviews


Department Meeting
School and CMH Interviews


Counseling Programs Directors Meeting (2-4) - Johnston 103 & Zoom



3/2 Department Leadership Council (DLC) Meeting
3/6 Counseling Programs Meeting - Johnston 103
3/9 Pizza & Process (Renee) Miller G35
3/13-3/17 Spring Break
3/20 Counseling Programs Directors Meeting (2-4) - Johnston 103 & Zoom
3/27 Advance registration for 2023 summer session begins
3/29-4/2 American Counseling Association Conference
3/30-4/1 C&S Ph.D. Program Residency
4/3 C&S Ph.D. Program Residency
4/4 Pizza & Process (Amanda) Miller G35
4/6 Department Leadership Council (DLC) Meeting
4/6-4/7 ASIST Training CMHC Students
4/7 Ashley Stovall: Restorative Practices Workshop (8 am-3 pm)
4/10 Department Meeting
Registration begins for 2023 fall semester.
4/12 Last day to submit Ed.S./Doctoral application for grad in 12/23.
4/17 Counseling Programs Directors Meeting (2-4) - Johnston 103 & Zoom
4/21 Spring Symposium
5/4 Department Leadership Council (DLC) Meeting
Last Day of Classes.
5/5 Conscious Discipline Workshop (9 am -12 pm) School Counseling
5/5-5/11 Final Examinations Week
5/11 Deadline Completion Course Work May Graduates.
Spring Celebration!
5/11-5/13 Commencement Ceremonies



Need a Graduate Assistantship?

Be sure to check openings regularly on Joblink! Additional openings are likely to be added throughout the semester and into the summer.

Keep an Eye on:

Several offices at JMU offer support for graduate students. Here are a few:

Counseling Organizations

If you’d like to keep abreast of what’s going on in the field this summer, be sure to check out:

American Counseling Association and the Virginia Counselors Association, as well as its relevant divisions and chapters.

American Mental Health Counselors Association

American School Counselor Association

Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

In this issue, you will find:

  • Welcome Note
  • Spotlighting Our Programs Through Social Media
  • Highlighting Events and Resources at JMU
  • Updated Spring Calendar
  • Additional Resources

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