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Our national award winning counselor educators are dedicated to training successful counselors who:

  • provide effective, caring, and ethical counseling services to diverse populations;
  • pursue a life-long process of personal and professional growth; and
  • advance the counseling profession through research, innovation, training and service.

We offer small, experiential classes taught by experienced, dynamic and student-oriented faculty. Students receive constant feedback and supervision throughout their training. Great emphasis is placed on personal and professional growth and the practical application of skills at our on-campus practicum and internship sites. Due to the experiential nature of our programs, on-campus participation in classes is a necessary part of the learning experience.

Our philosophy of training is based on five principles:

  • We learn by working together. Our program is a community of learners committed to supporting one another in the formidable enterprise of becoming a successful counselor.
  • We learn by doing. In virtually every class period, faculty members involve students in some activity that requires them to practice the craft of counseling - the process of observing, gathering information, conceptualizing, and taking action.
  • We learn throughout our lives. Counseling professionals have two simple options - to grow as persons and professionals by challenging ourselves, or to stagnate.
  • We learn by example. The heart of a counselor education program is not the curriculum, but its people. Actions do speak louder than words, so it is vital that both faculty and students exemplify the values of the counseling profession.
  • When we learn, we change. As students progress through this program, they do more than acquire knowledge and develop skills - they transform themselves professionally and personally.

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