History:  The Professional Development Fund (PDF) was created in 1991 under the auspices of the Madison Women’s Caucus. Grants were awarded to members who were participating in activities that advanced the cause of women on campus. More recently the fund was inactive for several years, until the advent of the Madison Caucus for Gender Equality, which revived the program in Spring 2012. 

Purpose:  The Professional Development Fund offers grants annually to support any activity that would advance professional growth. There is no restriction on the focus of the project, however activities addressing gender issues will be given special consideration. Funding may be applied to conference travel, publication costs, and research expenses but are not restricted to these endeavors. It is the intention of the Caucus to provide up to $500.00 to two members each academic year. Proposals can come from an individual, team or a group. Grants will be adjusted accordingly. 

Eligibility:  The fund is available to all members of the Madison Caucus for Gender Equality who are in good standing. Current steering committee members are not eligible to apply. Members who receive funding are not eligible to receive another grant for two years, unless the Caucus Board decides that some extenuating circumstances call for a waiver of this condition of eligibility.

Guidelines for Proposals

Application Procedures:  The original proposal and abbreviated curriculum vitae or resume must be submitted to the Professional Development Fund Committee of the Madison Caucus for Gender Equality via an e-mail attachment.  Proposals are due mid-late March annually and all active members will receive an email with details approximately 1 month prior. 

Acknowledgements: Any publication or exhibition resulting from activity assisted by these funds should indicate: "This work was supported by the James Madison University Madison Caucus for Gender Equality Professional Development Fund." 

Proposal Format:

Summary:  Describe the project in 300 words.

Narrative:  The narrative should include the following, using no more than 2 double-spaced pages. 

        1.  Describe the project or activity. 

        2.  State the objectives of the project or activity as related to professional development.

        3.  Describe the activities or procedures you will use to implement the project or activity

        4.  Describe the need for these funds and itemize other support for the project, if any.

        5.  Discuss the projected outcomes of the project or activity.  

If the project involves either human subjects (IRB JMU Policy 1:01:06) or live, vertebrate animals (JMU Policy VI:01:02) the proposal must be accompanied with the appropriate recognition of these policies.

Outcomes from the project will be reported to the Caucus Professional Development Fund Committee in writing, and the recipient may be invited to give a public report on his or her activity. 

Evaluation: Proposed projects or activities will be considered on the merits of the proposal. Professional credentials will be considered when reviewing proposals of equal or comparable merit and when determining the applicant's potential to successfully complete projects or activities.

Notification: The recipient(s) will be announced at the Spring business meeting.

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