Business Meeting Minutes


Revised Constitution

A membership vote on the revised constitution was held at the Caucus business meeting on March 19, 2018. View the constitution here.

Message in Response to Nov. 8 Election

To the members of the Madison Caucus for Gender Equality and the James Madison University community:

We recognize the election results as a catalyst for celebration for some and disappointment for others. The racist and sexist rhetoric employed during the presidential campaign found its way to JMU last Wednesday, as the sidewalks and even a few buildings were chalked in racist, xenophobic, and sexist phrases designed to intimidate and subordinate members of our community. 

In the wake of these visible intimidation markers, students, faculty, and staff have reported feeling unsafe and scared on our campus, which is in direct conflict with the JMU mission and our community culture. The Madison Caucus for Gender Equality strongly supports a safe and inclusive campus for all. We are here to provide a forum for your concerns, to act as advocates, and to promote activism that makes our community stronger.

Please reach out for assistance if you are in need. We are your allies.


The Madison Caucus for Gender Equality Steering Committee
Tim Ball, Stephanie Baller, Nancy Barbour, Howard Lubert, Misty Newman, Kathy Ott Walter, Courtney Swartzentruber, and Kristen Shrewsbury

Resolution for Domestic Partner Benefits

In December 2013, the Madison Caucus for Gender Equality Steering Committee voted to support the resolution before the Faculty Senate regarding domestic partner benefits. Three quarters of the Madison Caucus membership voted, and three quarters of those who voted approved the resolution. Now that's impressive! Some respondents suggested that the language in the resolution about same-sex domestic partner benefits be revised to read "same sex and domestic partner benefits," and that suggestion will be passed on to our senators. Thank you for your participation in this important vote. 

FMLA Committee Reports



Day Care Resolution

The following message was recently sent to President Alger on behalf of the Caucus: 

At its September 28, 2012 business meeting, the Madison Caucus for Gender Equality unanimously approved the following resolution:

The Madison Caucus for Gender Equality supports the establishment of a safe, affordable day care facility on campus for JMU faculty, staff and students. We encourage administration to proceed enthusiastically and expeditiously toward this goal, and we stand ready to assist in whatever way would be helpful. 

Letter to Jonathan Alger, Incoming JMU President

The Madison Caucus for Gender Equality recently sent a welcome letter to Jonathan Alger, incoming JMU President. View the letter here.

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