JAC Card readers are available for rent to allow organizations on campus to accept flex for fund raisers, non-food sales, and activities.

*Card Reader Rentals are available to JMU active-enrolled students, JMU Staff and JMU Faculty. Rentals are not allowed for any non-JMU affiliated organizations. Any vendor is invited to apply for the Off-Campus Merchant Program. Please e-mail your inquiries to Becky Hinkle(hinklerl@jmu.edu)*

In order to be eligible for a reader your organization must do the following:

Step 1: Contact Card Services

A completed W-9 Form must be on file with JMU Card Services.

Call Eddie Tobey (540)568-4989, or e-mail tobeyeg@jmu.edu, at least 10 business days prior to the rental date to schedule the use of the card reader.

Step 2: Fill out acquired Rental Agreement Form. The form can be downloaded here.

Please Read our Card Reader Rental FAQ's for answers to commonly asked questions.

Step 3: Review Card Reader Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions:

1. I, the undersigned, understand that I have the responsibility to keep equipment safe and will return all equipment listed below to Card Services(2nd Floor Student Success Center) promptly at the end of the event or by 9am the following business day. Card Services hours are M-F 8:00am-5:00pm. Call (540)568-6446 for further information.

2. I, the undersigned, will be present for the equipment set up and usage instructions.

3. I, the undersigned, will be financially responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment while in my possession. I understand that appropriate loss/damage fees will be assessed to me and deducted from my sales. If sales do not exceed these charges, then I will be billed for the damages or losses, and if not paid, then holds will be put on my student account in University Business Office that will prevent me from registering for classes.

4. There is a $25.00 per day fee associated with the rental of a card reader.

5. The only locations available to hold events are: Showker Lobby, The Commons, UREC Welcome Area (near the climbing wall), Transitions(2nd Floor, Warren Hall), Grafton-Stovall Theatre Lobby and Festival and Conference Center(Ballroom Front Desk, Information Desk).

6. No food can be sold.

7. Card Services is not responsible for malfunctioning equipment which results in lost sales.

8. Printed lists of sales are prohibited due to FERPA regulations.

9. If Card Services has an emergency, then I must be flexible in my start-up time.

10. I understand that I must provide all extension cords needed for the rental.

11. Outdoor Reader rentals(ie the Commons) will be cancelled in case of any inclement weather.

12. Any locations must be reserved by the patron. Card Services does not handle scheduling locations.

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