PURPOSE: To establish guidelines for the issuance and use of JMU identification cards and to provide classification on who is eligible for identification cards. The JACard is the official photo identification card and is issued by the James Madison University Card Services Office.

The James Madison University Access Card (JAC) identifies you as a member of the JMU community. Depending on your relationship with the university and the entitled services you have been permitted, your card can be used as an electronic access key to a variety of on campus functions, facilities, athletic events, UREC, dining facilities, libraries, transportation services, parking, and vending as well as at many off campus merchants. Meal plans and declining balance accounts (FLEX) are available for students, faculty and staff and upon request by sponsoring JMU official for affiliates and conference guests. See www.jmu.edu/cardctr

The JACard is the property of the university, must be carried at all times, and is non-transferable. It may be used for such purposes as the university designates and may be revoked at any time. This card must be presented and/or surrendered upon demand by a university official; failure to do so, or lending this card to anyone, is considered misuse and may subject the holder to disciplinary action under the regulations outlined in the student/staff handbooks. Lost and stolen cards must be reported promptly via the web, www.jmu.edu/cardctr or during business hours to Card Services, 2nd Floor of the Student Success Building.

Card Services reserves the right to refuse to issue a JACard to any individual who appears for photographing in a disguise or intentionally distorts their face to alter their appearance.

A disguise includes, but is not limited to, unusual makeup, paint, wig, sunglasses or false facial hair. Facial distortion includes, but is not limited to, deliberately crossing or squinting eyes, sticking out tongue, or opening or twisting mouth. Smiles are allowed.

Caps, hats, turbans, et cetera, may be worn for religious or medical reasons only. Additionally, veils worn for religious reasons that cover or partially cover the face may be worn; however, they must be adjusted to allow a full-faced photograph.

Cardholders are responsible for keeping the JACard safe and in good working condition. Hole punching, bending, folding, or otherwise damaging the card, or losing the card by negligence, accident, or theft will result in a replacement fee.

RESPONSIBILITY: Students- Registrar

Faculty/Staff- Human Resources

Affiliates- Dept. Responsible/Sponsoring Individual

Contractors- Dept. Responsible/Sponsoring Individual

Conference- Contracted through Events & Conference Office

Early Arrivals- Sponsoring Dept. contracts through Events & Conference Office

Specialty Cards- Dept Responsible/Sponsoring Individuals

DART Cards- Cards sold at various cash machines located throughout campus for friends of the university to use for printing or to pay for copies at the library.


JACards- James Madison University Access Card-Official JMU pictured ID card

Full time undergraduate student- Registered for 12 or more hours

Full time graduate student- Registered for 9 or more hours

Faculty/Staff- Individuals employed and paid by James Madison University

Affiliate- Individuals sponsored or working for contractor on the James Madison University-Examples- ARAMARK, Follett, visiting professors not being paid by JMU

Dependents- Children under the age of 18 who have a parent/guardian working at JMU

Spouse- Married partner of student, faculty or staff of JMU

Contractor- Non-JMU affiliate that has been hired by JMU to perform services

Conferences- Groups who have contracted with JMU Conferences to hold meetings/retreats on campus and will pay for these services

Early Arrivals- Students asked to return to campus by JMU departments needing them to arrive before the beginning of the fall term. The departments will pay for the services needed by these students such as meal plans, housing and etc.

Specialty Cards- Student groups or departments needing special IDs for their own purposes while here at JMU or performing JMU related tasks. (Such as nursing and Greek Officers)

URAC ID Cards- ID cards that are used and authorized by UREC for alumni, spouse or dependents. See www.jmu.edu/recreation.

APPLICABILITY: This policy applies to the entire James Madison University community members requiring identification.

POLICY: The James Madison University Access Card, (JACard) is the official photo identification card for students, faculty/staff and authorized affiliates of James Madison University.

James Madison University will provide a JACard to all eligible individuals who need access to JMU services or as proof of being associated with James Madison University and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

ELIGIBILITY: All students currently enrolled in at least 1 credit hour.

All full-time and part-time faculty and staff

Visiting faculty paid by James Madison University

Affiliates- Individuals sponsored by a James Madison University department, spouse or student spouse needing specific services such as UREC. (Examples: ARAMARK, Pitney Bowes and Follett. See policy #1337)

Conference Cards- Requested by Events and Conference personnel that are contracted by an outside group or James Madison University department that need specific services provided by James Madison University.

Dependent Cards- Requested by UREC personnel for dependent children of faculty & staff that are on break from another college/university and need access to the UREC facilities. See www.jmu.edu/recreation.

Spouse- Married partner of faculty, staff or students for use at UREC (URAC Card)

Contractor- Any individual who provides goods or services to JMU. Access to facilities is controlled by the sponsoring university department.

Early Arrivals- Cards issued to requesting James Madison University department for use by students in dining facilities before the fall semester begins.

Specialty Cards- Are requested by any JMU department for use as identification in addition to the official JACards. Requests are made to Card Services in writing and there are fees associated with the design and issuing of these cards.

Staff or Faculty Emeritus- Retired JMU staff or faculty, who are appointed by the Board of Visitors, to continue to receive university services. Refer to Policy #1318


Students- Must be admitted to James Madison University then downloaded from PeopleSoft to CS Gold (Card Services system). Access to services is based on registered credit hours, living on or off campus, major, etc. All JACards are made in Student Success Center, 2nd floor, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and extended hours at the beginning of each semester. Check university calendar for dates and times.

  1. Registered for 1-6 hours- Use of library, meal plans, declining balance accounts, health center, special rates at the movie theatre and UREC, admission to computer labs and other areas based on classes registered for.
  2. Registered for 7-11 hours- Same as above but no fees charged for use of UREC.
  3. Registered for 12 or more hours- Same as above with free admission to athletic events.

Faculty/Staff- Human Resources enters required information into PeopleSoft for all wage and full-time faculty/staff and the information is downloaded to CS Gold (Card Services system). Access to services is based on employment status. All JACards are made in Student Success Center, 2nd floor, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and extended hours at the beginning of each semester.

Affiliates- Sponsoring department submits electronic affiliate form to Payroll. Payroll enters all information to PeopleSoft and grants privileges based on departments' request. (Parking, eID, JAC, library, UREC) See policy #1337

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