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Office of Budget Management

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The Office of Budget Management is in the process of transferring the budget revision process from paper to e-form.

One of the detriments of the paper form was the tedious process of gathering written signatures via campus mail.  The new e-form, once submitted, will be routed to the proper departmental/divisional authority, to gather "signatures", before it is delivered to the budget office.  This process will be entirely electronic.

The route of the e-form is based on the JMU Signature Authority.  If there are issues with your department's Signature Authority, for example if there is currently no "budget" designee or fiscal tech, then there will be issues with the processing of the e-forms for your department. 

In anticipation of the implementation of the e-form, please take a moment to access and/or update your department's Signature Authority.  Verify that your department has a designated fiscal technician and at least one other approving authority.


Budget Revision Form for Windows - Blank

Budget Revision Form for MAC - Blank

FY18 Salary Calculation Worksheet

FY18 Medical Insurance Calculation Instructions


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