Twenty-third Annual JMU BioSymposium:   April 10th and 11th, 2014

Each spring the Biology Department hosts a celebration of undergraduate research in which students that conducted research over the previous year present their findings through poster or oral presentations.  In addition, there is a keynote seminar presented by an invited speaker.   This year there will also be graduate student presentations. Please attend as many of the events as possible, ask questions, and help us celebrate undergraduate research in Biology at JMU!

Keynote Seminar

Conservation Challenges, Virginia Solutions

Michael Lipford
Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Virginia
Mr. Lipford graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in biology and received an MS in biology from JMU, where his studies focused on river and forest ecology. In addition to extensive field surveys of streams throughout the southeast, Michael has been an instructor at Dabney Lancaster Community College and an ecologist at the Virginia Division of Natural History. In 2003, he received TNC's highest staff honor, the One Conservancy Award, and in 2010 he received the Virginia Environmental Leadership Award.

2014 Biosymposium Program

2013 Biosymposium


NoteMichael Kim, Long Jarvis's assistant, is available every day from 9-11am to assist students with printing posters.  

Printed Posters

  • Make your poster in powerpoint.
  • Using Page setup, make your poster 42” wide. The height may be anything up to 60”.
  • Use dark type on a light background. Please DO NOT use a solid color or a picture over the whole background. It is too much for the printer.
  • Your title should be 80-85pt
  • Subheadings should be 36pt, main text should be 24pt and captions should be 18pt
  • View at 33% to tell if your images are going to be large enough for your audience to see.
  • Don’t put too much text on your poster
  • Save your poster as a PDF for easier printing
  • Prepare a 3-5 minute verbal explanation of your poster
  • Try to get it printed EARLY!!

Need help?

Printable instructions for making and printing your poster 

Advice on how to design a good poster. 

More Poster design help (WWW)

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