The Department of Biology at James Madison University condemns white supremacy and all forms and acts of racism and hatred, historic and current. We recognize that many U.S. institutions of higher education were originally founded on, and have historically sustained, the ideals of white supremacy as demonstrated through their commitments to slavery and segregation. Our department recognizes the harm to and challenges faced by historically underrepresented students, staff, and faculty, especially Black, Indigenous, and all people of color (BIPOC). We strive to change the culture and policies over which we have control at JMU, and we are firmly committed to seeing these changes through to expedient fruition. Action is crucial to effect change, and we pledge to continue until we can realize a firmly anti-racist culture.

We recognize that our role as educators at an institution of higher education is to reinforce if not instill the virtues that establish an educated and enlightened citizenry that embraces the diversity of people, their backgrounds, and voices that enrich our experiences as people. We implore our students to employ the critical thinking and self-reflection skills learned in their time at James Madison University. In order for all of us in the JMU community to lead productive and meaningful lives, the crucial foundation required is an inclusive and supportive environment for the most marginalized among us.

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