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Visit JMU Transfer Applicants to learn more about the university’s application process for transferring from community colleges and four-year institutions.



Apply to SADAH
  1. You must submit a portfolio to be accepted to the school as a candidate for the Architectural Design, Art B.F.A., Graphic Design and Industrial Design programs. 

    Students hoping to pursue an Art History or Art B.A./B.S. degree do not need to submit a portfolio at any time. 

  2. You will also need to upload copies of your unofficial college/university transcripts

Deadline for transfer portfolio submissions for the Spring 2022 semester: Oct. 10, 2021

Deadline for transfer portfolio submissions for the Fall 2022 semester: March 6, 2022

➔ For questions about scheduling a tour, the application process and more, contact SADAH's Recruitment & Records Specialist Michael Penney.
Submit Your Portfolio

Learn about portfolios and their role in the admission process, and register for a Portfolio Feedback Day.

Ready to submit? When your portfolio is finalized, click a link below and read carefully before uploading your digital images.

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