The mission of Digital Marketing is to create, support, and encourage best-practices in delivering content via the web, email, mobile app, and podcast.


The vision of Digital Marketing is to be a comprehensive resource to University partners in order to increase communication efficiency and efficacy in JMU’s web, email, mobile app, and podcast channels.

  • Audience-focused
  • Data-driven
  • Standards-based

Randy Budnikas: Director of Digital Marketing

Resource to all JMU faculty/staff regarding questions or projects concerning the JMU Website (jmu.edu), JMU Email Marketing, or JMU Mobile Apps.

  • Performs regular automated and manual tests on webpages to ensure quality.
  • Performs advanced analysis of website and email marketing data.
  • Approves and publishes changes to the Google Tag Manager configuration.
  • Leads design initiatives for the jmu.edu website and JMU email marketing to ensure an effective experience for all consumers of JMU content.
  • Ensures that all JMU websites adhere to the branding standards set forth by the Identity guide.
  • Approves purchases of website domains.
  • Sets up official JMU podcast feeds in the central JMU iTunes account.
  • Manages the j.mu and beingthechange.org domains
  • Creates and maintains short urls, qr-codes, and redirects
  • Prioritizes and delegates projects and tasks to the Digital Marketing team.

Leigh Ayers: Digital Experience Engineer

Resource to all JMU faculty/staff to determine strategy and execution of effective email and web campaigns.

  • For Email
    • Assists with building strategic emails and writing email copy for select departments.
    • Works with Advancement training staff to ensure JMU faculty/staff are learning email best-practices and systems.
    • Analyzes outgoing emails for quality and brand consistency.
    • Uses email analytics and research to increase email communication efficacy and interprets those analytics for JMU faculty/staff.
    • Performs email A/B tests to learn audience behavior.
    • Designs effective and flexible email templates.
    • The Digital Experience Engineer does NOT do the following:
      • Create, validate, or maintain lists (unless it is a special case)
  • For Web
    • Provides site-specific website analytics reports.
    • Performs regular audits on high-priority websites, ensuring quality and efficacy.
    • Performs routine maintenance tasks on web pages.
    • Designs, builds, and maintains websites for select departments.
    • Helps ensure that website owners adhere to JMU's brand guidelines and web best practices.

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