The task force’s mission is to advise the Senior Leadership Team so that JMU codifies and maximizes the learning and innovation that result from the university’s navigation in and through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brian Charette, Strategic Planning and Engagement, Co-Chair
Sharon Lovell, College of Health and Behavioral Studies, Co-Chair
Kristina Blyer, Student Health Services
Robin Bryan, Information Technology
Mike Busing, College of Business
Paul Campbell, Admissions
Jennifer Campfield, Academic Initiatives and Planning
Mike Davis, Office of the President
Rick Gardner, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Rick Larson, Human Resources, Training and Development
Fletcher Linder, University Programs
Marsha Mays-Bernard, Multicultural Awareness and Student Health
Sean McCarthy, School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
David McGraw, School of Integrated Sciences
Mack Moore, Risk Management
Towana Moore, Business Services
Bethany Nowviskie, JMU Libraries
Geoff Polglase, JMU Athletics
Kristi Shackelford, Academic Policy and Communication
Shelia Smith, Advancement Planning and Operations
Caitlyn Read, University Spokesperson
Linda Thomas, School of Integrated Sciences
Felix Wang, Center for Global Engagement

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