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  • (1st) Eligible faculty members must notify AUH of intent to apply for tenure and/or promotion

  • Annual Performance Evaluations are due to HR for Classified Staff

  • College Educational Leave, Summer Grants and Award packets may be due as early as mid-September; AUHs will be asked to endorse and/or write letters of support for these applications. Due dates and requirements vary by College, so if you cannot find information on the College website, ask your Dean for more details


  • (1st) Official written annual evaluations must be provided to faculty members by AUH

  • (1st) Deadline for qualified faculty members to apply for tenure and/or promotion; complete drafts of dossiers are due to the unit office

  • (21st) Any appeals of annual faculty evaluations must be completed

  • [28th] Signed, final, annual faculty evaluations are due to the college dean

  • Begin thinking about budget needs for new initiative(s) and/or increase for “cost to continue programs” which will be asked for in December


  • (1st) Deadline to notify faculty member that he/she must undergo remediation (post tenure review)

  • (15th) Recommendations from AUH and AUPAC for faculty promotion and tenure must be submitted to the college dean


  • (1st) Deadline for faculty members to receive written explanation of salary adjustments he/she will receive

  • (15th) Dean must submit recommendations for faculty promotion and tenure to the Provost

  • University receives and reviews the governor’s budget; amendments are proposed

  • Input any strategic objectives for the upcoming academic year that require budget initiatives; budget

  • initiatives must be aligned with a unit strategic objective in the STAR tool


  • Finalize any plans for Budget Initiatives/Cost to Continue programs; budget packets will be emailed to AUHs


  • Strategic Objectives for the next academic year must be entered into the STAR tool; this is also a good time to review the current year’s objectives, provide updates and/or revise as necessary

  • Deans submit budget packets to the Office of Budget Management


  • Verification of full-time salary costs and federal work study materials due; packets sent to AUHs via email


  • Deadline for final budget submission


  • Budget office provides data from units and colleges to Board of Visitors

  • Provide updates, if needed, for major/minor declaration online forms to Arin Hawse, Associate Registrar, 8-3737 (


  • Unit’s Annual Report due to the Dean

  • Final Budget is approved by BOV

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