While you may not be hiring right away (or at all) during your tenure as AUH, you should know the federal and state regulations that govern the hiring process.

Hiring always requires the approval of the Dean and Provost, be it making a new hire or replacing an existing faculty or staff member. In order to request any faculty position, you will need to complete the Request for Faculty Position form, which is updated each year.

This form is designed to ensure that all faculty position allocations are thoughtfully considered and carefully vetted in keeping with the university’s mission, goals and objectives as well as our collective academic interests and enrollment demands.

It is also helpful to note that your unit has a designated “Recruitment Specialist” in HR, which you can find here.

To reflect Academic Affair's priority of expanding and retaining a diverse faculty, all of those involved - you, Faculty Search Committee Chairs and Search Committee Members - must complete our diversity training process. Here are links to both the procedures and the training: 

Faculty Recruitment Procedures and Recommended Strategies for Expanding and Retaining a Diverse Faculty

Mandatory Training Program for AUHs and Faculty Search Committee Chairs and Members 

Here are several other important resources for hiring at JMU:

The Faculty Recruitment Handbook (formerly produced by OEO) has been replaced with the Academic Affairs Guidelines for Recruiting and Hiring: https://www.jmu.edu/academic-affairs/_documents/hiring-guidelines.pdf 

Hiring Manager Recruitment Toolkit, published by JMU Human Resources

Hiring Process for Classified and Non-Student Wage Positions


Moving and Relocation

If your unit can afford to provide moving and relocation funds for your new hire, these funds are subject to a number of approvals and procedures. You will also want to check with your dean about typical amounts depending on the position for which you are hiring. There is a maximum amount allowed by the state, but very few positions qualify for the maximum amount.

Financial Procedure (5010) – Moving and Relocation

Moving and Relocation Agreement, Checklist and Expense Summary


The Faculty Qualifications and Credentials Manual

This manual provides information about the required credentialing and verification process for faculty members at JMU. Both full-time and adjunct/part-time instructors of record (teaching faculty) must possess the appropriate qualifications in their respective teaching discipline and meet or exceed the minimum requirements of JMU policy and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), JMU’s regional accrediting body, regardless of the location of the course offering or mode of delivery. While we know that our faculty are well-qualified, this process is required to demonstrate their earned credentials for our accreditor.

Because accreditation determines eligibility for Title IV funds (student financial aid) and qualifies institutions and enrolled students for access to federal funds to support teaching, research and financial aid, it is important to understand the guidelines outlined in this manual. It is available here.

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