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What are Alternative Weekend Breaks?

Ever feel like your weekends just repeat? Break the monotony!

An Alternative Weekend Break immerses students in a purposeful service experience designed to connect students and community members while enhancing personal growth, mutual awareness and life-long learning. Alternative Weekend Breaks generally begin on Friday late afternoon/early evening and last until Sunday afternoon. A team of approximately 10-12 students emerge themselves in local or nearby communities within a 4 hour drive to do service projects.

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All Weekend Breaks cost $30 per participant, which covers transportation, food and housing.


You can register for your spot on an Alternative Weekend Break by coming to the Community Service Learning Office, which is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Success Center. Keep an eye out for a bulk email about 2 weeks after the start of the semester that will tell you when registration opens. The payment is a one-time fee that secures your spot on the break and is due when you register. Spots fill up quickly, so head up to our office NOW.

Want Your Organization to Host a Weekend Break?

Would you like your student organization to have an experience just for them? Typically, proposals are due mid-semester the semester before you'd like to provide the experience.  Email to ask about the proposal and associated deadlines.

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