Coming Soon: The Office of Research Integrity is in the process of implementing an electronic research administration software system later this year. You will be able to submit protocols and have them reviewed electronically. More information will be provided in the coming months.

Submission Guidelines:

Complete the two-step submission process by selecting and completing the appropriate form for your research.

  1. Submit the completed and signed form to: Office of Research Integrity, MSC 5738 (Electronic Signatures are accepted)
  2. Submit the completed form electronically (as a Word document) to:

Prior to any committee action, all registrations must be submitted electronically and a dated and signed form must be received.

New or Resubmission (Required every 3 years)

Main Registration Form

The IBC requires that all registrations are re-submitted as new registrations every 3 years. This review is referred to as a “de novo” review because the registration receives the same scrutiny by the Committee as if it were a brand-new submission. A notification will be sent by ORI in advance of the expiration date.

Annual Renewal and Modification Form

Annual Renewal and Modification Form

The IBC requires that all registrations be renewed during the first and second year of the registration’s lifespan in order to remain active.

**If the Annual Renewal and Modification Form is not completed by the submission deadline, the IBC may inactivate the registration. The allowance of a grace period would be out of compliance with National Institutes of Health and institutional policy.

Notice of Termination

Notice of Termination

If the PI is allowing the registration to expire or is terminating the project before its expiration date, ORI must obtain written confirmation from the PI that no work will continue prior to the expiration date and the disposal, transfer, or storage of biohazardous agents needs to be recorded.

Adverse Event

Adverse Event 

This form must be completed when reporting adverse events or unanticipated problems to the IBC.


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