The Center for Faculty Innovation has incrementally built sustainable, mutually enhancing relationships across campus in the form of collaborative partnerships and co-sponsorships. During the next decade, the CFI hopes to enhance current and build new relationships using a model of Authentic Partnership. The CFI is dedicated to working with Authentic Partners to build a shared programming vision, high impact program designs, reliable assessment strategies, and evidence-based faculty development models. The Authentic Partnership Model requires a shift in which Authentic Partners share in planning, decision-making, and the pursuit of agreed upon goals. The CFI trusts that a model of adaptive learning, collaborative problem solving, and common vision will strengthen and broaden professional development opportunities for JMU faculty. This model will also strategically poise the authentic partnerships to make informed, scholarly contributions to the global dialogue on the changing role of the professoriate in higher education. View our Guide to Partnering with CFI below or click here to download the PDF.

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