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Faculty Empowering Faculty...


  • •  May 9: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (May Symposium)
  • •  May 10: Community Engagement Scholarship Institute (May Symposium)
  • •  May 10: Assessment Progress Template (APT) Lockdown (May Symposium)
  • •  May 11: Grant Writing Institute (May Symposium)
  • •  May 11: May Symposium Conference Day
  • •  May 12: POGIL Institute (May Symposium)
  • •  May 12: Equity-Minded Reform in Academic Rewards Systems (May Symposium)
  • •  May 12: Reward System Practices (May Symposium/ Workshop)
  • •  May 12: Core Introduction to the Eight Key Questions (May Symposium Workshop)
  • •  May 16: Call for Faculty Associates
  • •  Aug 22: New Faculty Orientation


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  • May Symposium.  CFI’s 10th annual May Symposium will be May 9-13.  May Symposium offers workshops, multi-day institutes, and other opportunities for faculty to focus on teaching, scholarship, career planning and service. 

  • Due to the popularity of Jose Bowen's, Keynote Lunch on May Symposium Conference Day, we will not be able to seat walk-ins.  Register by 12pm on Friday, May 6 to get a seat.  

  • Call for Faculty Associates.  Apply to be a Faculty Associate –Scholarship Area or Faculty Associate -Academic Culture in the Center for Faculty Innovation. Join our team of instructional faculty dedicated to enhancing academic culture.  Apply by Mon 5/16, 5 PM.