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  • •  Sep 4: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • •  Sep 7: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • •  Sep 10: Lightning in a Bottle: Transformative Classroom Management (Workshop)
  • •  Sep 11: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • •  Sep 11: Lightning in a Bottle: Transformative Classroom Management (Workshop)
  • •  Sep 14: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • •  Sep 18: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • •  Sep 21: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • •  Sep 23: Doing Engaged Community Scholarship Abroad (Roundtable)
  • •  Sep 25: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • •  Sep 25: Are You Connected? Explore Community Engagement at IIHHS (Roundtable)
  • •  Sep 28: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown


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  • Peer Orientation and Development Groups (PODs) give early career faculty a chance to meet new colleagues and work with an experienced faculty to explore academic culture at JMU.  Meet monthly Sept-Dec on either Wed or Fri.

  • Writing Renewal Retreat for fall 2015.  Engage in a three-day writing retreat with a community of faculty writers at Mountain Valley Retreat Center.  Oct. 23-25, 2015.  Apply by Sept. 9.

  • Transforming Self & Community.  Join a scholarly community dedicated to advancing projects to sustainable transformation. Six Thursdays 9/24-11/19.  Apply by Sept 14.

  • Finish Your Writing Project.  This community offers time, space and guidance to advance a scholalry writing project. Four Mondays 10/5-11/16.  Apply by Sept 18.

  • Teaching Analysis Polls (TAPS). The Teaching Analysis Poll is a mid-semester technique that provides instructors with rich and meaningful feedback from their students regarding the learning environment in a course.