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  • •  Dec 9: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown
  • •  Dec 13: Finals Week Grading Lockdown
  • •  Dec 14: Finals Week Grading Lockdown
  • •  Dec 15: Finals Week Grading Lockdown
  • •  Dec 16: Finals Week Grading Lockdown
  • •  Jan 4: January Symposium Wednesday Schedule
  • •  Jan 5: January Symposium Thursday Schedule
  • •  Jan 6: January Symposium Friday Schedule
  • •  Jan 11: Facilitating Diversity Dialogues (Madison Career Fellows) Application
  • •  Feb 2: Here to Help/ H2H (Workshop)


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January Symposium: Sustaining Your Scholarship. Carve out time for mindful scholarly pursuits, professional growth, and renewal. Wed 1/4-Fri 1/6 at Rose.

Here to Help/H2H. A faculty-staff workshop on available resources to help students balance academic and other spheres of college life. Thu 2/2, 9 AM-12 PM.

Faculty Checklist: Steps to Respond to Classroom Incivility. This quick reference sheet provides useful suggestions to handle hot topic  conversations in the classroom. 

The Teaching Toolbox. Subscribe to receive bi-weekly emails that share ideas, resources, programs, practices, and distilled research related to teaching and learning. Previous Toolbox emails can be viewed here.