This semester, the CFI teaching area is piloting a new program called Discovering Other Teachers.

If you volunteer, we will contact you in early January 2018 to confirm your interest and ask for some more specific information to share with interested colleagues, such as what day(s)/time(s) you’d like to host visitors and how many visitors you can accommodate. You get to decide!

Colleagues may visit your class because they are curious to see someone else outside of their department teach or they may want to be exposed to different teaching strategies that they had never considered before. They may even decide to try something they saw out in their own classes! This opportunity is not intended to be evaluative, but rather appreciative. In the CFI’s teaching programs, we have recognized a keen desire and commitment from JMU instructors to share their teaching experiences and to learn from one another. This program will allow participants to go one step further.

The purpose of this new program is to open up the classroom space; to create or strengthen connections among instructors across campus; to provide an opportunity to discover, appreciate, and learn from the diverse teaching of JMU instructors; and to help to make teaching a less isolating, mystifying, or individualistic endeavor. 

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