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Meet the 2019-2020 RhetTech Journal Staff



Jessie Wiggins ('20)
Managing Editor

As an inaugural editor of the RhetTech Journal, I have been given the opportunity to explore design and genre without limitations or expectations. As the RhetRech Editorial Board begins working on volume two, I am excited to continue editing and publishing insightful scholarly research from across the country.  



Shayla Brown ('20)
Associate Managing Editor

My name is Shayla Brown and I work on RhetTech with five others to reach out and recruit work from student writers to submit to the journal. Our multimodal design is a great way to gain experience and exposure for students like myself. RhetTech takes on a diverse variety of submissions and is filled with interesting and informative pieces. I really enjoy being on RhetTech's team and doing my part to make the journal as creative as possible. 



Kofi Karikari ('21)
Multimodal Editor

As multimodal editor of the RhetTech Journal, I have been allowed to explore design and writing in several different ways. I am thrilled to work alongside my classmates to help develop the student-run journal across the country. 



John Kelly ('20)

As an editor for RhetTech, I work alonside my fellow editors to receive and edit submissions from collegiate authors around the country. It's a wonderful opportunity that allows me to sharpen my editorial, writing, and communication skills while providing a service to our authors and school. 



Tessa Anderson ('22)

As a member of the editing team for the RhetTech Journal, I read submissions and offer feedback to developing collegiate writers. The RhetTech Journal is a multimodal platform that provides undergraduate students from all over the country the opportunity to publish their work. Through this experience, I am able to gain more insight into the editing process and evolve into a more professional editor. I am excited to see what this years' authors bring to the second volume of RhetTech.

Christina Roberts ('20)

As an editor for the RhetTech Journal Editorial Board, I receive and edit submissions, interact and communicate with authors, and advertise the Journal.

Carley Prendergast ('21)

As an editor for the RhetTech Journal, I read and edit submissions from collegiate authors across the country. Through my experience with this multimodal platform, I am able to gain real editing experience that will aid me in my professional endeavors after graduation. 

In addition to working on RhetTech, I write for a number of campus publications, including Her Campus, Odyssey, and The Breeze. When I'm not in class or writing for one of these publications, I'm busy working as the Digital Intern for Harrisonburg's PBS station, Virginia's home for Public Media (VPM).

Aimee Coreas ('22)

As an editor for RhetTech, I work with my classmates on editing and receiving entries from authors on a national scale. I strive to improve my writing, communication, and editing skills while working with authors on their submissions.

Bailey Espaillat ('22)

As an editor for RhetTech, I work within a team to obtain and edit sumissions from collegiate authors across the country. Working on this journal allows me to broaden my knowledge on a variety of topics and enhance skills as a writer and WRTC major. 

Nina Murray ('22)

My name is Nina Murray and I am proud to announce that I will be assisting the RhetTech team. Our multimodal platform allows young authors to interact with my fellow classmates and me. I am looking forward to editing undergraduate students' works and learning more about the editing process. 

Dr. Cathryn Molloy
Faculty Adviser

JMU's School of WRTC has a long history of hosting a student-run journal through our program. RhetTech--its most recent iteration--leverages our expansive curriculum in writing, rhetoric, and technical communication to build a team of editors who've successfully solicited a wide variety of content from students working on related work around the country. With the help of our academic unit head Dr. Traci Zimmerman and through the creative energy of our students, RhetTech journal has gone from an idea to a reality.

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