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The WRTC Major and Minor Program

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you have scholarships?

Yes. There are four scholarships to choose from. Find out more about the scholarships by going to the WRTC home page and on the left-hand navigation bar, hover over “Scholarships and Awards.”

 Are there prereqs or exams to get in?

There are no prereqs or exams to become a major or minor in WRTC.

 How many credits do you have to earn for the major and the minor?

39 and 18 respectively. Find out more about the major here, and the minor here.

 What kind of jobs do WRTC graduates get?

Our graduates have established successful careers in a variety of fields. Here is a list of possible careers and some examples the great things our graduates have done after graduating from WRTC.

 Do you require an internship?

All WRTC majors are required to complete an internship, yet many of our students do more than one. We invite, but do not require, our minors to consider a WRTC internship.

 Do you provide assistance in getting an internship?

We have a dedicated professor, Prof Elisabeth Pass, who will help you at every stage of the internship process. Find out more about internships here and here’s a list of places where students have interned in the past.

 Do you have any examples of WRTC classes?

Sure. Check them out here.

 Are you on social media?

Of course! Check out our Instagram, TwitterFacebook Community Group, and our LinkedIn Group.

 Is WRTC related to first-year writing in the General Education curriculum?

Yes! Whether you decide to major in WRTC or not, you will likely take a WRTC course (WRTC 103) as part of our general education curriculum. Find out more about that here.

 How do I find out more information?

We would love to hear from you. Contact Professor Cathryn Molloy:

Drop us a line!

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