The mission of the Neurodiversity Celebration Collaborative is to address negative attitudes, misconceptions, and stigmas surrounding neural and mental health differences by viewing mental health as a continuum rather than a binary in which mental health is either achieved or not achieved.

Through strategic research and advocacy, we will evaluate current mental health resources on and off campus, create appreciation versus sympathy for neural differences, bring to light inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the literature, establish appropriate forums of disclosure for students, and ultimately help constitute a more connected and understanding campus climate that celebrates neurodiversity as an integral part of any functioning university and its surrounding community.


Join us for our Next Meeting:

While we have no more meetings scheduled this term, stay tuned for the fall 2023 meetings! 
All are welcome! 

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Graduate Student Director
Adrianna Ladd 

Assistant Director
Jen Cottrill
Communications Director
Parker Bigley 

Founding Student Director
Will Khairalla

Founding Group Leaders
Amanda Christian
Emma Hohl
Grace Hourigan
Katie Mills
Elisa Morgan
Jake Nelson
Madiha Patel
Rolando Segovia

Faculty Adviser
Dr. Cathryn Molloy 


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