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Faculty Emeritus, Associate Professor
Year Started at JMU: 2002
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Ph.D., English, Lehigh University, 1990

M.A., English, Lehigh University, 1986

B.A., English, Moravian College, 1976

Professional Focuses

The coming together of literature and technology in the audiobook; making the architecture and operation of language more visible to students; technology and culture; intercultural technical communication

  • "Will the Real American Please Stand Up: Character as Reflection of Culture in Joan Micklin Silver's Hester Street." Studies in Popular Culture 38.2 (2016). Print.
  • “The Alchemy of Sound: The Power of Spoken Language in a Very Visual World.” Athens Journal of Mass Media and Communications 2:1 (2016). 7-19. Web.
  • "Audiobooks: The Past Meets the Future in a Hybrid Medium." Media Research: Learning from the Past, Strategies for the Future. Eds. Genevieve A. Bonin and Yorgo Pasadeos. ATINER: Athens, Greece, 2013. 341-350. Print.
  • "Using a Research in Technical and Scientific Communication Class to Teach Essential Workplace Skills.IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 55.4 (2012): 363-377. Print.
  • "Audiobooks and the Reassertion of Orality: Walter J. Ong and Others Revisited." CEA Critic 73.1 (2010): 74-85. Print.
  • "Learning the Intricacies of Effective Communication Through Game Design."Business Communication Quarterly 71.1 (2008): 68-71. Print.

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