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Adjunct Faculty
Year Started at JMU: 2015
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M.F.A., Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry, University of Alabama, 2007

B.A., Creative Writing and English Literature, Oberlin College, 2000

Professional Focuses

Contemporary poetics, music writing, Romanticism, the lyric essay


If Beauty Has to Hide. Spuyten Duyvill. Due April, 2018. 
Murder Ballads: Exhuming the Body Buried Beneath Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads (creative criticism). Punctum Books.  Brooklyn, New York: 2016.
The White Visitation  (poetry). BlazeVox Books. Buffalo, New York: 2010. 

The Family Flamboyant (poetry)Brickhouse Books. Baltimore, Maryland: 2011.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.” One Week // One Band, August 26-30, 2013.
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“After,” “Death Bed 2,” “Saint of Swimming Goggles.” Claudius Speaks 3: 2017 
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“Anecdote of the Twice-Stuffed Moose.” BOAAT 5: April 2015.
“How Are You?,” “Rather Than Build a Tower of Bones,” “Sucka MC.” B O D Y, April 17, 2013.
“I am Tired of Watching.” Atticus Review, January 2013. 
Self Reproof.” Box of Jars 3: Fall 2013. 
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“The Phobic and the Erotic,” “The Book of Weird Sex,” “Writing Desire,” “Sextacy,” “Impotence.” The Moose and Pussy 4: 2009. 
“Film Study,” “The Long Walk.” Dear Sir, 3. 2009. 
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“Flaxen-haired farmboy . . .” demcomP June. 2009. 
“Married to Eternity.” Phoenix 51: 11. Spring, 2009. 
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“Heart Leap II: Buck Naked,” “A Lasting Mark,” “Race to the Prize.” Ugly Cousin. April 2009. 
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“Carnal Knowledge,” “Transgender Warriors.” Breadcrumb Scabs 5: 12-13. 2009. 
“The Invention of Heterosexuality.” The Dirty Napkin 2.2. 2009. 
“A Fable,” “Where Is the Captain?”  ApocryphalText 3. 2009. 
“In Memory of HAL.” Pank 3: 26-27. MTU Press: 2009. 
“On Captivity,” “Memoir,” “Brennan as Cherry Tree,” “A Plant in Winter.” BlazeVOX. Fall 2008. 2008 
“Snow Fear” (excerpts). SOFTBLOW October 2007. 2007. 
“A Critic is Born” (as Ian Bean Moore). Blood Lotus 5.1. 2007. 
“I Wrote This” (as Anonymous). H_NGM_N 6. 2007. 
“Derivatives.” Parthenon West Review 4: 131-132. 2006 


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