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Assessing Digital Projects

~ Lori Beth DeHertogh

Assessing Digital Projects handout

Multimodal Peer Feedback

~ Elizabeth Keene

Incorporating audio and video components in feedback activities may invigorate peer review in WRTC 103 and other courses. This approach offers more time and space for peer review outside of the classroom. Included here are step-by-step directions for creating audio and video review artifacts, details on how to submit such artifacts, and information on Canvas and Audacity options for creating audio and video reviews.

Multimedia Feedback Assignment

Canvas Peer Review

~ Shelley Aley

Want to get more out of peer review and Canvas? Find out strategies for organizing peer review teams, creating more time and space for peer review in your syllabus, and tips and tricks for understanding the plethora of Canvas peer review tools. Attached are directions for students taking on peer review on Canvas – including screenshots – and reflection questions for guided review. 

Canvas Peer Review  

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