JMU Photo Calendar Access: 

If you are a campus partner and would like access to our photo calendar for the purposes of your job, please click here for instructions on accessing the calendar and saving it on your computer. 

Regarding Headshots & Group Photos:

The Office of Content Marketing exists to tell stories through formats like photo and video. Because we are focused on story-driven content, we do not always have the resources to photograph faculty headshots. Additionally, staff headshots can only take place during non-academic times of the year (winter or summer breaks), as all of our production time is dedicated to story-driven content that moves the needle for the institution. For group photos of committees, we can’t support all requests. We don’t need to be relied upon for every group photo. However, for the ones we don’t take ourselves, we will work with our campus partners requesting the group photo to arrive at an alternative solution whenever possible. We discuss these requests on a case-by-case basis. We exist to tell great stories about JMU. We appreciate our campus partners’ help by empowering us to focus on storytelling. 

Below are links to photos in our library. If you need custom photos not found in this archive, you are able to fill out a photo request

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