The Office of Advancement Marketing promotes the importance and rewards of investing in James Madison University. Our creative team designs events, amplifies voices, motivates donors, and celebrates the impact of giving across the university.


We motivate our audiences by cultivating experiences and amplifying voices that demonstrate the importance and rewards of investing in JMU’s mission.


Because of our strategic influence and creative collaboration, a giving culture flourishes at JMU: together, we move people to actively engage with and confidently invest in the mission of the university.

  • Authenticity
  • Collegiality and a sense of humor 
  • Appealing to diverse audiences
  • Collaborating to reach meaningful goals
  • Compelling and creative storytelling
  • Discerning evidence-based practices
  • Innovating with new tools, skills and strategies 
  • Sustaining relationships rooted in integrity
  • Upholding a cohesive and vibrant university identity

We are expert storytellers with a combined 100+ years of experience as writers, editors, designers, project managers, videographers, web strategists and event producers. We work in close collaboration with all of University Advancement.

Our Team

Pam Brock: Senior Director, Advancement Marketing, oversees unit, foundational messaging/framework, creates overall strategy, event programming, editorial

Sarah Brodie: Creative Marketing Strategist (part time), focusing on design and creative solutions

Jennifer Dehoff: Assistant Director, Advancement Marketing, primary liaison with annual giving; project management and design

Jamie Marsh: Creative Marketing Strategist (part time), focusing on editorial and creative solutions

Justin Roth: Associate Director, Digital Media and Event Production, leads event and video marketing, designs events and videos that engage donors and prospects

Our focus is on supporting JMU engagement, fundraising and stewardship, through direct mail, email, events, printed materials, organic and paid social media, video, and web content.

Partner With Us

We are available to university colleagues to advise, consult and train on marketing best practices. If your project requires creative assistance, we will:

  • assess if the project falls within our scope and begin planning with you
  • connect you with the most appropriate person in University Marketing & Branding
  • recommend ideal freelancers
  • possibly talk you out of your idea… or expand it beyond your original concept

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