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Save Money on Your Daily Commute

JMU offers vanpools by Enterprise as an alternative way for part-time and full-time faculty and staff to save time and money on their commute to JMU, all while helping to reduce traffic congestion and our environmental impact. What is a vanpool? A vanpool is a group of six or more faculty and staff that join together to share the costs associated with leasing and operating a van. The vans are leased from Enterprise on a monthly basis.

What are the benefits?
  • Save on your commuting costs by spending less on gas, car maintenance, and insurance. Reduce your income taxes with our pre-tax payroll deduction program.
  • Save on parking by potentially not needing a JMU parking permit. Vanpools will be given a free, preferred parking spot on campus.
  • Take advantage of the Guaranteed Ride Home program (GRH) which provides 5 free trips home per calendar year by taxi or rental car in the event of a sudden family emergency, a sudden illness or injury arises in you or your immediate family, unscheduled overtime required by JMU or if your vanpool driver must leave early.
  • Enjoy the comfort of a luxury vehicle equipped with air conditioning, reading lights, power receptacles and reclining seats, with optional Wifi.
  • Free service/maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Gain usable time during your commute – talk, work, read or sleep. Help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.
How does vanpooling work?

Vanpools consist of both drivers and riders. In order to be able to drive, drivers must undergo a background check and complete an online training course. A primary driver will manage the vanpool and secondary drivers will be able to drive as a backup. What are responsibilities for riders and drivers?

The Primary Driver is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the picking up and dropping off passengers at designated locations and times.
  • Arranging for van maintenance included as part of the lease fee.
  • Keeping the van clean.
  • Managing the vanpool account, including recordkeeping and making brief ridership reports to Enterprise/JMU

Riders are responsible for:

  • Arriving at pre-arranged pick-up sites on time. Or be ready to be picked up at your home if the vanpool members agree to this.
  • Giving a 30-day notice if leaving the vanpool
  • Helping to recruit new passengers for the vanpool from your neighborhood
What if no vanpools are operating in my area?

You can find both potential carpool and vanpool partners through JMU’s Zimride program – a convenient way to match up with other faculty and staff looking to share a ride. By submitting your interest on the Zimride site, JMU will be able to consider the start of additional vanpools.

Who is eligible to join?

Any permanent full-time and part-time JMU employee may join.

How much will it cost?

The cost will be dependent upon lease rates, gasoline prices, number of passengers and the round-trip mileage of the vanpool. In general, with more riders and a longer commute, the more savings you will see compared to driving your car. 

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